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Civil   , Water Resources, Environmental
Engineers , Project and Management Consultants.

Multi-Disciplinary Consulting Engineering, Planning , Programming
and  Project Management services including feasibility studies ,design,
construction  and  management of major and minor projects-
Civil Engineering, water resources development ,water supply,
water treatment and wastewater treatment, water distribution system
and urban wastewater system.
Computer software applications, Hydropower and
dams(concrete and earth),Tunnels (rock and soft grounds)
Large Reinforced concrete Treated water storage reservoirs,
Catchment management and sediment control  in  reservoirs ,
pipelines,   Pumping stations, Environmental Impact Assessments,
Human settlements (Urban and rural).Integrated Urban Infrastructure
Management.  Institutional development, Civil Systems Engineering,
Risk Analysis, Modelling and Assessment, Sustainable Development,
Re-Engineering of Water Industry Organisation and ,  Operations.
Continuous Professional Development, Training and Education.